Concept Companies is a group of companies with the shared mission of being the best-in-class, Real Estate Developer. Every brand we have and service we offer is for that purpose.

From site selection to design to contracting, we understand the nuances within the Real Estate Development and Construction Industries that will make a project successful now and into the future. With our complete project development philosophy, we make sure your project gets off to a strong start, which is the key to a strong finish. We locate the perfect site, research regulations, and perform thorough due diligence that will set your project up for success. We can do the job vertically integrated, from beginning to end, or provide stand-alone services “a la carte” to give you increased value and flexibility.


Our portfolio of companies demonstrates our range of expertise, while each company shares our total commitment to excellence in serving our clients.

We are a commercial general contractor with a national reach. Yet our company business model isn’t proprietary, overly complicated or held under lock and key. It’s simple. Use honesty and open communication as the tools that build a solid relationship. It’s a model we’re proud to keep. Learn More

Excellent design does more than grab attention. It gives a marketing advantage. It’s also a step-by-step process that helps discern a client’s needs. Level Architecture and Interiors partners with construction firms housed under the same roof to offer unprecedented communication between designer and builder. At the same time, Level Architecture and Interiors enjoys the autonomy of working with any other construction firm at any other time, providing tremendous flexibility and outstanding customer service. Learn More

The strength and durability of a building is determined by the foundation on which it stands. At Pinnacle Site Solutions we ensure the development of the construction site is solid enough for your project needs. Pinnacle is where the groundwork of all successful projects begins. Learn More

We aren’t just dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”, we are exploring the angles behind the transactions. That’s why our staff includes attorneys, real estate closers and certified land title examiners. Working together, we understand how to best serve you and keep your interests protected.Learn More

Vector Civil Engineering provides design and permitting with a focus on constructability and the bottom line. Our team of engineers is involved with due diligence from the very beginning to ensure each project runs smoothly and meets the client's expectations.