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Capital Markets
Single-Tenant Net Leased Investments

Concept Capital Markets Group is a national real estate investment acquisition firm with a specialty in single-tenant net leased assets. Our primary goal is to match our equity with real estate-based investments that are projected to deliver consistent cash flow regardless of market conditions.

Concept Capital Markets primary goal is to match our equity with real estate-based investments. We invest our resources in national real estate markets with a specialty in single-tenant net leased assets. Our portfolio is geared to meet specific risk tolerance, capitalization and income requirements.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a keen understanding of market conditions. With an unparalleled depth of experience in executing all sizes of real estate transactions, Concept Capital Markets has become highly regarded for our due diligence capabilities and expertise. Our Investment objectives include:

Capital Preservation

By its very nature real estate can be one of the safest havens for investment capital. This holds true even in uncertain economy times (like the present) provided supply and demand stay in relative balance. We are able to leverage our intimate knowledge of all aspects of Commercial Real Estate toward a robust and income producing portfolio.

Inflation Hedged Growth

Single-tenant net leased investment strategies that look to acquire stable and predictable returns for our portfolio allow us to create core assets that reduce portfolio volatility and serve as a bond-like replacement strategy.

Passive Monthly Income

The Concept Group's portfolio holds prestigious names like Dollar General and Verizon Wireless that are built/owned by our group and that generate passive monthly rental income for our portfolio.

National Build-to-Suit Developer

We are a national single tenant build-to-suit developer providing in-house real estate development, design, and construction management services specializing in turnkey, single tenant projects.

Specializing in complete project development, our relentless commitment to quality and customer service has helped us build long-term relationships with those we work with, from small one-owner development projects to large national brands.

We understand the absolute importance of working closely with project managers/owners and delivering on time and on budget. We have a reputation for going well beyond our scope of work to further our customers in achieving project goals. We work 365 days-a-year, around the clock, to do whatever is necessary to insure our clients meet their difficult deadlines, without compromising quality.

Market Expansion
Concept Development, Keeping You on the Right Path

Concept's team is there to assist you when developing in new markets. Avoiding common construction/developmental issues such as local regulations, permitting and zoning procedures we will keep your project on the right path to completion. Our market expansion assistance ensures the job is done the right way the first time. Our expertise will save you time and money by proper advance planning and due diligence.

Financial Backing
Connecting You with Needed Resources

Substantial financial backing not only adds the solvency and resources needed to manage the volume of projects we do but also allows us to extend this financial strength to our customers.

We have a strong portfolio of independent and national investors ready to fund projects across the nation.

Pre/Post Construction

With our "Complete Project Development" philosophy we ensure a strong start which is key to a strong finish. We make things like site selection as easy as possible... clients provide their site criteria such as necessary traffic count, ingress/egress, turn lanes, etc. We locate the perfect site, review legal, handle local regulations such as DOT requirements and are then ready for the next stage of the project.

A brief listing of services offered: site selection and approval, contract negotiation, legal and title review, site investigation, site design, lease preparation, value engineering, advisement of local rules/regulations, and financing procurement.


Service after the sale is the foundation our entire organization is built on. From post construction inspections and as built drawings to warranties and certifications, we consistently out perform our competition in our resolve to ensure our clients are satisfied for years after the project is complete. Regardless if we are the developer, construction manager or both, our long list of loyal clients speaks for itself.

Leverage Our Experience & Knowledge

For those clients that are already working with an exclusive developer or utilizing a "fee developer" program, Concept will provide consultation services for any portion of the development or construction phases. These services are provided "a la cart" so we have the flexibility to assist an as much or as little as required to meet your needs

Complete Design-Build & General Contracting Services

We pride ourselves on being a NATIONWIDE commercial general contractor who's expertise ranges from small retail centers to large Industrial facilities. With an even mix of hard-bid and negotiated work, our diverse portfolio includes: government and municipal facilities, retail stores and centers, offices and industrial buildings, any many other project types.

From the simplest building to the largest strip center, we have the experience and resources to handle any commercial construction project. Whether you require a unique building layout or have challenging site conditions, Concept Construction will adapt to your needs. With our "Complete Project Development" philosophy we ensure a strong start which is key to a strong finish.

We deliver consistent, nationwide general contracting and construction management expertise in the following sectors:


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Hospitality & Restaurants

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Site Development Solutions
with a Single Source of Responsibility

Concept Site Solutions brings a fresh idea to an old way of doing things. With due diligence studies as a foundation, our in-house engineering staff works in concert with clients to develop conceptual site development designs with a focus is on crafting and perfecting a solution that moves beyond simply using land to setting new standards of land use.

Standard methods of site development usually consist of many contractors working toward their own individual purposes and goals. This disconnect all too often adds up to many missed opportunities instead of the successful team effort desired.

Single-Source of Responsibility

Developers imagine possibilities, Architects and engineers draw site plans. Bulldozers and backhoes move dirt. Contractors start the buildings... and typically no one communicates until it's too late and the problems start! This is where a single source of responsibility is a game-changer.

The Value

Beginning with detailed due diligence studies that back our recommendations, we are able to provide our clients with informed choices. Our in-house engineering staff works hand-in-hand with the client to provide conceptual site development designs that:

  • Meet local regulations
  • Conform to project objectives
  • Meet budget constraints
  • Optimize site usage
  • Mitigate risk and development issues

Guaranteed Cost Contract Advantage

Our guarantee goes beyond your normal contracted guarantee. Before purchasing the land, before going to the bank, before committing resources, before investing in design and before brokering leases we perform the due diligence and provide a guaranteed cost contract. Your cost is guaranteed and that makes all the difference!

Avoid Critical Oversights & Optimize Efficiency

Information collaboration is the key to success in site development where critical milestones happen in a predetermined and ordered sequence. Site plans are not always good land use plans. Building plans and designs do not always make the very best use of the site. The overall site work process then becomes a difficult and expensive process of dealing with unexpected challenges.

We strive for a best-practices approach that ensures communication and avoids critical oversights. Working closely with our clients, our unified design-build site development solution coordinates all the elements to ensure the project is completed the right way -- the first time. From due diligence, planning, design and all the way through to completion, the entire process is coordinated to support project goals. Our process allows clients to arrive at their critical go/no-go decision quicker and with less cost. We are here to facilitate our client's overall development vision, starting with the guidance we provide early on and continuing throughout development... and we do this all with a price that's guaranteed.

The Company We Keep
In our business quality and consistency are the measure by which we are judged. Concept maintains a loyal nationwide customer base of large corporate clients that have come to rely on our consistent results.
About Us
Comprehensive Development Solutions

From the inception, Concept has always gone above-and-beyond to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with project outcomes. Over the years that grew into our core philosophy as Concept developed into thriving company with four prominent divisions. Along with the resources/backing to stand by our promise, this start-to-finish development philosophy sets us apart from the rest.

    Industries We Serve
    Medical - 10%
    Retail - 60%
    Government - 10%
    Bio-Science - 10%
    Professional - 10%
    Our Happy Clients
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      Our Team

      We work diligently to offer you reliable and personal service. Despite our ability to manage a large development projects, our office staff is small and personable -- which allows us to provide personalized service to meet our client's individual needs.

      From project managers that collectively manage our national staff/field agents to our administrative assistants, everyone's job is to assist on a personal level. Leverage our strength while still maintaining that individualized experience needed for a truly successful project.

      Matthew Cason
      Director of Development
      Alan Tilly
      Project Engineer
      Brian Block
      Development Counsel
      Stephanie Wright
      Development Administrator
      Eric Taylor
      Acquisition Manager
      Daniel Carbrey
      Acquisition Manager
      Amber Crawford
      Acquisition Agent
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      Acquisition Agent
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      Director of Construction
      Chad Appell
      Project Manager
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      Project Manager
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      Project Manager
      Dan Register
      Project Manager
      Amy Kauper
      Design Architect
      Andrea Barnett
      Construction Administrator
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      Construction Supervisor
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      Construction Supervisor

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      Construction Supervisor

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      Asst Construction Supervisor
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      Accounting Manager

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